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Have you ever wondered what exactly pantone color means?  Well, I did cause I’m just not up-to-date on these kinds of things.  LOL, call me old – it is ok.  Anyway, what I was looking for was the colors that are trending for fall fashion since I do make accessories.  I decided since everyone talks about the trending “pantone” colors to look up exactly what that means.

Pantone is a group of colors that are numbered.  OK, so what does that mean?  It means that each color has a number say for instance, Chili Pepper red is Pantone 19-1957.  Basically, the 19 is the year and the 1957 is the identifying number for Chili Pepper Red.

What are the trending colors for this fall?   Here are the groups I found, in case you want to put an outfit together or buy accessories in the trending color groups.

  • Chili Pepper red, Biking Red (which to me looks like what I’ve always called Barn Red), Cream, Peachy pink
  • Rocky Road (chocolate to me), Bright pink but not neon pink, Sugar Almond (a kind of medium brown with a little red mixed in) Dark Cheddar
  • Galaxy blue, Bluestone (slate blue to me) Orange tiger, Forest green
  • Vanilla, Deep blue almost black, grey, Guacamole
  • Shades of purple

So those are the colors that are trending for the fall of 2019.  I have a cousin that changes her wardrobe ever season based on the color trends.  Me – I create accessories for people to accent their outfits in the color trends but I’m a jeans and T-shirt person.  I do accent with my scarves that I’ve made for me sometimes depending on where I’m going.

Next I will be posting about what kind of fashion will be trending so stay tuned.


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