New item coming soon – can you guess what it is?


OK, first crochet scarves will be added soon.  I’ve had a slight delay because my washing machine kicked the bucket.  LOL, you know if it isn’t one thing it is another.  Now to the guessing what the new item is……………

I am also working on something new.  I am making these first to donate for a Christmas in July event at the shop where I have a booth.  I am going to also sell some here.  So here is the pic of part of the new item.  Can you guess what it is?  Can you guess what the new item will be used for?   I’d give you a hint but then you’d have it in a heartbeat.  I have to leave a little challenge for guessing new items.

I will send one completed product to the first person who guesses what is and what it is used for correctly.  Time and date will be the determining factor.


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