Healthy and Wise


LOL, strange title for a post I know.  In this day of the coronavirus panic, I think we want to step back and say are we overreacting?  In a lot of cases the answer is:  yes.  We want to stay healthy but we also want to be wise.  Keep updated on what the CDC says, not the local stations that are blowing things out of proportion.  Remember they get ratings by sensationalism unlike in the past where you could count on them for facts.

Healthy and Wise.

OK, you want to stock up on some basics you say.  Well, get that extra package of TP, hand sanitizer which is better than wipes, kleenex, whatever but don’t go hog wild.  Remember there are other people in your area that have the same concerns as you do for your family.

Healthy and Wise

Check out the progress the CDC is making or have they elevated the risk factor.  Again, not the media.  The media just wants you glued to their station for the ratings.  If you can, we have one in our area, find a radio station where the broadcasters are level headed.  Ours is Kasper broadcasting stations.

Healthy and Wise

Common sense things to do to prevent the virus or spread of the virus:

  • Don’t go to any outings of any kind where there will be a large group of people, note I said large you will have to judge for yourself what you think that is.
  • Wash your hands frequently.  If out and about keep hand sanitizer on you and after touching door handles use a squirt.  Per the CDC it should contain at least 60% alcohol.
  • This falls under common sense – avoid people that are sick in public.  Always cover your mouth and nose when you are coughing or sneezing.  Throw used tissues away.
  • Stay home from work, activities or shopping if you are sick.  There are 2 reasons for this:  1.  You don’t want to spread what you have no matter what it is.  2.  If it is the coronavirus you are just adding to the problem.
  • If you have flu symptoms, now is not the time to put off calling your doctor.

Healthy and Wise

We’ll get through this like we do all health issues or emergent situations.  We just all need to stay calm and weed through the info we are given to find the answers.  I am not claiming to be an expert.  These are just my thoughts.



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